No. 60, Zhongrui Road, Diankou Industrial Park, Zhuji:Add

City Zhejiang Province (311835)

Zhuji Hengcheng Aluminum & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Products all over the country, facing the world

High-precision numerical control aluminum foil slitting equipment, and supporting inspection equipment, etc.

The company won a number of aluminum plastic industry honor certificate


When the aluminum-plastic industry was established in 1999, it was tested

One of the companies specializing in the production of new aluminum strips for pipes

Zhuji Hengcheng Aluminum Plastic Material Co., Ltd., located in Diankou Town, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, was founded in 1999. Production of aluminum ribbons, aluminum-plastic composite tapes, perforated aluminum-plastic composite tapes, etc.

Permanent quality, future success

The company specializes in producing new aluminum strips for pipes and has advanced CNC high-precision aluminum foil shears and other equipment to meet the requirements of different users for product quality requirements. It is a large-scale production base in China.

Product Categories


Zhejiang products first standard

Own factory, related inspection equipment

服务优先 专业周到


Service advantages

Platforms starting with the supply of raw materials, on-site guidance, specialized technologies

Take advantage of development

Small profits and quick turnover, Nakiz rewards our customers

Industry ingenious brand

Since its inception, dedicated to the production and service of aluminum plastic products